Everything Ever Forever

by Carlin Dally

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released May 5, 2013



all rights reserved


Carlin Dally Australia

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Track Name: Definite Dream (feat Lily Ray)
There's a pain in my side
I can feel when I cry
And it jabs like a knife in the night.
So i'll laugh it off
To prove that I'm tough
And save it 'til some other time

Cover your mouth
Don't let it out
For fear everybody will hear.
Open your eyes 
To prove you're alive
And wonder why nothing is clear

Start again
Make amends
Fuck the weather
Better together

Hold your breath
It smells like death
On desperation row.
Remove the ring when
It starts to sting
So everyone will know

Break it off
Contagious cough
Suddenly you're through.
A rock is thrown 
Across the road
It's either her or you
Track Name: Never Have I Ever
Enough of this
Enough of that
A silent sigh
A window smashed
A mark was made
For all those days
We wrote it down
And left this town

Under the waves
A stupid craze
Where all of us
Can place our trust
A thing you said
Went through my head
But truth be told
It's getting old